I am a chocoholic - here are some mouth-watering recipes of some of my favorites
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For five small custards use one pint (600ml) of milk, two eggs, one ounce (200gm) of  Walter Baker & Co.'s Premium No. 1 Chocolate, one-fourth of a  teaspoonful of salt, and a piece of stick cinnamon about an inch (25mm) long.    Put the cinnamon and milk in the double-boiler, place on the fire and cook for ten  minutes.
Shave the chocolate, and put it in a small pan with three tablespoonfuls of  sugar and one of boiling water.   Stir this over a hot fire until smooth and glossy, and then stir it into the hot milk,  after which take the liquid mixture from the fire and cool. 
Beat together with a spoon the eggs, salt and two tablespoonfuls of the sugar. Add  the cooled milk and strain.
Pour the mixture into the cups, which place in a deep pan.   Pour into the pan enough tepid water to come nearly to the top of the cups.
Bake in a moderate oven until firm in the center. It will take about half an hour.   Test by running a knife through the center.
If the custard is milky, it is not done.
Serve very cold. 


Half a pint (300ml) of milk, two ounces (250gm) of Walter Baker & Co.'s Chocolate, three tablespoonfuls  of sugar, one rounding tablespoonful of butter, two tablespoonfuls of flour, four eggs. 
Put the milk in the double-boiler, and place on the fire.
Beat the butter to a soft  cream, and beat the flour into it.
Gradually pour the hot milk on this, stirring all the  time.
Return to the fire and cook for six minutes.

Reserve one gill (150ml) of milk from a quart (1.2L), and put the remainder on  the fire in a double-boiler. Mix three tablespoonfuls of cornstarch  with the cold milk.
Beat two eggs with half a cupful of powdered sugar and half a  teaspoonful of salt. Add this to the cornstarch and milk, and stir  into the boiling milk, beating well for a minute.
Shave fine two ounces (250gm) of Walter Baker & Co.'s Premium No. 1 Chocolate,  and put it into a small pan with four tablespoonfuls of sugar  and two of boiling water.
Stir over a hot fire until smooth and glossy; then beat into the  hot pudding. Cook the pudding in all ten minutes, counting  from the time the eggs and cornstarch are added. Serve cold  with powdered sugar and cream. 
This pudding can be poured while hot into little cups which have  been rinsed in cold water. At serving time turn out on a flat dish,  making a circle, and fill the center of the dish with whipped cream flavored  with sugar and vanilla.
The eggs may be omitted, in which case use one more tablespoonful of cornstarch. 


For a small pudding use one pint of milk, two tablespoonfuls and a half of  cornstarch, one ounce of Walter Baker & Co.'s Chocolate, two eggs, five  tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar, one-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt, and half a  teaspoonful of vanilla extract. 
Mix the cornstarch with one gill of the milk. Put the remainder of the milk on to  boil in the double-boiler. Scrape the chocolate.
When the milk boils, add the cornstarch, salt, and chocolate, and cook for  ten minutes. Beat the yolks of the eggs with three tablespoonfuls of sugar.
Pour the hot mixture on this, and beat well. Turn into a pudding-dish that  will hold about a quart, and bake for twenty minutes in a moderate oven. 
Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff, dry froth, and gradually beat in the remaining  two tablespoonfuls of sugar and the vanilla. Spread this on the pudding, and return  to the oven.
Cook for fifteen minutes longer, but with the oven-door open.
Serve either cold or hot.