I'm   glad you have come to this page and I thank you. Too much of the following could be bad for your health. Enjoy in small serves.

DESSERT EXPLOSION BUNDLE #1 Scrumptious Fish Recipes fpr you delight. Good healthy living with hundreds
of fish variety recipes; shell fish and fish sauces to whet your appetite.
What's a fish meal without a soup appetiser?
Delicious Soup Recipes- a collection of Easy to Follow recipes covering every aspect of soup-making. Enjoy the nourishing value of  soup.

Great Gifts in a Jar- a fun and productive collection of hundreds of recipes from coffee creamer
,cookies mix to apple cakes in a jar to cranberry hootycreeks. Too numerous to mention here- but guarantee all a delight.
From sweet tastin' to downright "burn your tongue"
Mexican cuisine. Think Almond Red Sauce and grab a cold drink.

65 of the tastiest
Amish delights. (with Master Resale Rights)
And No. 6 for my January " 2 for the price of one" sales is
Christmas Delights for the holiday season. Stuffed full of cookies and sweets delights. Giveaway Rights only but what a feast.

Christmas Delights (which is in pdf format) are in downloadable zip format.
I have bundled up the recipe books below at 2 for ONLY $7
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CHOCOLATE RECIPES     CHEESECAKES 2 DIE 4 only $7    Coffee   Pizza Bread Time
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