Don't settle for your mothers Iced Coffee, make it better
and expand your flavor horizon.

Cold Brew It
In the cold brewing process, coffee grounds are mixed with
cold water and allowed to sit between 12 and 24 hours. The
coffee is then filtered through like a typical brewing
process. Coffee connoisseurs claim that this process
yields a coffee that is lower in acidity and caffeine, with
more bouquet and character. The lower acidity not only
allows more flavor to come through, it is also easier on
the digestion. Many cold brew enthusiasts have noted a
markedly lower incidence of acid reflux; a classic symptom
of too much hot coffee consumption. Perhaps the only
disadvantage of cold brewing is that it's not an instant
gratification process. While a hot brew may be faster than
a cold brew, remember that good things will come to those
who wait.
Chill With Coffee Cubes
This can really make or break and ice coffee experience.
One of the most common time saving practices in making iced
coffee is pouring hot coffee over ice. Instead, try
freezing some fresh brewed coffee in an ice cube tray and
the next day pour coffee over the frozen cubes. The result
is a much richer, less diluted drink. A quick tip: store
the coffee ice cubes in a zip lock plastic bag to maintain
their freshness.
Rock Sugar Swizzle Sticks.
You see them in coffee shops all the time. Don't
underestimate them. You might enjoy a little sweetness
to your swizzle. Stirring with a rock candy stick can
add a festive touch to an otherwise mundane ice coffee
session. The cold drink won't melt the sugar as fast, so
drink it slow and let the sweetness catch up to you.
Whip Cream Rules
You've worked hard all week, and sure, you're trying to
watch what you eat. But it's the weekend and you're already
hitting the early afternoon doldrums. You are in need of
an iced coffee, however you want to go all the way. Do it.
How many times have you added whipped cream into your
coffee anyway? Whip cream in iced coffee is like jelly on
peanut butter, only better.
Milk Brewing
You wouldn't necessarily think of Australia when iced
coffee comes to mind, but the Land Down Under has been
indulging in commercialized iced coffee drinks perhaps
longer than any other nation. Australians are noted for
brewing it with milk, rather than water. The milk brewed
process is so popular that Australia is one of the few
countries where milk based beverages to outsell Coca Cola.
The result of milk brewing is a cold coffee beverage with
an amazingly smooth milkshake-like flavor. The Starbucks
Frappuccino attempt to mimic this process, but fall short
by using plain ice in the recipe.
The Potential for Mudslides
A Mudslide is a drink for adults only. But it tastes like
a drink for a kid. There aren't many coffee drinks that are
as addictive. Simply include a Kahlua shot with two scoops
of vanilla ice cream. Finish with half a shot of Bailey's
Irish Cream and a touch of vodka. Blend it up for instant

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